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2011 Yoga-Thon For Charity!

Our first Yoga-Thon For Charity was a huge success! With 13 participants we helped raise over $1,800 for our cause in Africa as well as the relief efforts in Japan! It was an awesome event with the majority of our participants completing 108 Sun A Salutations for pledges! Thank you so much to those who participated and to those that pledged for our yogis. It was amazing to see how a small group of people could come together and raise a significant amount of money for 2 great causes. Our participants really were so inspiring and reminded us of the power of community and what we can do when we unite together!

May we remember the quotes by Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

A special thank you to lululemon for donating prizes for our participants and to Brittany Castillo for providing complimentary massages! We truly appreciate your help in making this event so special!

Peace for All. Life for All. Love for All.


      *A nice sweaty picture of our participants who completed 108 Sun A Salutations!

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Hello Everyone!

Help us this Sunday (Spring Solstice) raise money for the relief efforts in JAPAN as well as our cause in Africa (helping to build orphanages in Africa!) We believe this event is a great way to get involved with out local yoga community while giving back. “Yoga” means “union” and in our practice we try and connect breath, body, mind and spirit. We are constantly reminded of the oneness we share, remembering how we all share an infinite breath and a heart full of truth and love! Take this opportunity to get involved by gathering pledges from friends, family, neighbors, coworkers etc and come get your sweat on with us (you can complete as many as you want, no pressure to complete all 108 sun salutations!). We would love for you to join us! Fill out a pledge form and notify Lindsey Pluimer of your participation at

We will have prizes donated from lululemon as well as complimentary massages following the event.

Check out our website for more information about us at!


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Yoga-thon For Charity

Join us on Sunday March 20th at Beyond Yoga (1:30pm) to participate in our 1st “Yoga-thon For Charity.” We will be attempting 108 Sun A Salutations in honor of bringing in the Spring Solstice. We will be participating in this rigorous event while raising money for kids in Africa! There will be prizes for those that participate as well! All you have to do is get pledges for every Sun A Salutation you complete! For example, if someone pledges to donate $0.25 for every Sun A Salutation you complete, and you finish all 108 salutations, you would have raised $27.00 for With My Own Two Hands Foundation! People can also pledge flat donations as well! Come join us in this exciting event! Print our our pledge form and inform us of your participation by contacting Let’s get our yoga on while giving back to those in need! 
An Example of a Sun A Salutation Sequence (Repeat)
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