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Meet our amazing team at With My Own Two Hands Foundation!

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Lindsey Pluimer: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

While playing basketball for the University of California Los Angeles, Lindsey studied mass communications and specifically studied the lack of media during the Darfur genocide. After graduating with honors, Lindsey then went on to play professional basketball abroad in Sydney, Australia and then in Pamplona, Spain. After winning a championship in Spain she came home to leave again, but this time to volunteer in Africa. Lindsey then joined a nonprofit organization and traveled to South Africa and volunteered in an orphanage for children in need in July of 2010. Upon arriving in the village, she quickly found her calling in life. Lindsey wanted to continue teaching yoga and dedicate her life to helping these amazing, inspiring children (two careers that she believes go hand-in-hand). Although she was in the prime of her career, Lindsey knew that this was her passion in life and that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children that were in need.

When she returned from her volunteer trip, she retired from playing professional basketball and decided to dedicate her life to being of service to children in need. She then started With My Own Two Hands Foundation and now dedicates her life to creating a sense of social consciousness in others in order to provide aid to the inspiring children that WMO2H works with. Lindsey has since completed the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Training through the Fieldstone Foundation in 2015. Lindsey directs and oversees all programs at WMO2H.

Joel Misango: Program Director (Kenya)

Joel was born and raised in a small village outside of Eldoret, Kenya. He spent most of his youth actively involved in church, community activities, singing, drama, soccer and voluntary services. Wanting to serve a bigger audience, Joel left his small town for Nairobi where he currently resides. Joel is apart of the WMO2H team and also sings gospel music. He is a huge part of the success of all the projects WMO2H works with in Kenya. He helps find amazing Kenyan organizations doing good works for children in need. He works hand-in-hand with our US team in overseeing all projects/programs abroad. Joel is deeply connected to WMO2H and is so grateful to serve. Joel is currently married with two sons and is committed to the cause of helping children in need in his country.


Darcy Purvis: Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator

Darcy Purvis has worked as a civilian Crime Analyst with the Irvine Police Department for more than a decade.  Her background includes analytical skills, strategic planning, research, grant writing, and public policy advocacy.  She is inspired by the following Mother Theresa quote: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”  She has volunteered with many social justice programs helping one person at a time.  She has worked with such programs as rape crisis, domestic violence, mentoring children with incarcerated parents, urban arts outreach, homeless outreach, rebuilding inner cities, mobility and transportation for disabled workers, prisoner reentry, and juvenile hall outreach.  Darcy is a certified yoga instructor and currently volunteers with Orange County Probation teaching yoga to girls at juvenile hall.  Darcy is a huge sports fan and enjoys many outdoor activities.  Her passion lies in restorative justice and social justice advocacy.

Denise Malone, Board Member

Denise became a frequent volunteer at fund raising events and visited Kenya to see the good work first hand in March of 2014. Denise believes passionately that providing an education is a fundamental way to break the cycle of poverty for the children. Denise will oversee programs to secure sponsorship, uniforms and schools supplies for the children associated with the ever growing number of WMO2H projects. Denise holds a BSBA from California State University at Long Beach. Her career in Human Resources has spanned more than 25 years. She is currently a global leader of Human Resources for a pharmaceutical company with responsibility for the HR function in 10 locations spread over 5 countries. She is honored to be part of the With My Own Two Hands team.


Mary Beth Pugh: Director of Operations and Secretary of the Board

Mary Beth served as the Charity Coordinator at Gorjana and Griffin Inc. for three years, when her trip to Kenya in March 2014 with WMO2H turned her world upside down. Upon her return from Africa she volunteered as much as possible and always had the beautiful smiles of the kids she met on her trip in her heart. She accepted the offer of Operations Manager in August 2014 and is the acting secretary on the Board of Directors. She is mom to her favorite wing-man, Jack.



Pam Pluimer: Birthday Sponsorship Coordinator

Pam visited Kenya in January of 2013 and immediately fell in love with WMO2H and their cause of helping children in need. She got to firsthand see the impact that WMO2H is making in Africa and was fortunate to spend time with the children of St. Anns Orphanage in Kenya. Pam is a volunteer in charge of the WMO2H Birthday Sponsorship Program. She loves being able to be apart of this program and the impact it has on the children. She belives that all children should feel loved and cared about on their birthday and she believes our birthday program does this for the children.


Keith Kooman: Treasurer

Keith first gained an appreciation for serving others during his high school and college years as a part-time volunteer for various service organizations within his local community. After spending over twenty years in various financial roles at various Fortune 500 companies, he is now eager to leverage that knowledge and experience into helping others in need. When he first learned of the recent accomplishments and successes of the WMO2H foundation, as well as its future goals, he realized he wanted to be an active part of an organization that makes such an incredible difference in the lives of others by offering access to some of the basic necessities of life that we all too often take for granted. He is honored to be a part of the foundation, and he is eager to work with the ambassadors and overall WMO2H team to help the foundation achieve its mission.


John Harb: Ambassador Program Manager

John is a Southern California native and management consultant. He holds degrees in both finance and accountancy from Arizona State University and is currently working toward an MBA with a focus in social entrepreneurship. John brings to WMO2H his unique blend of professional experience as an investment banker, entrepreneur, and consultant and his prior leadership experience in mission driven organizations. John is extremely excited and honored to be the Ambassador Program Manager for WMO2H, and is looking forward to bringing a positive impact to both the foundation and the children it serves.


Ginger Valentino-Virga: Visual Designer

Ginger Valentino-Virga has been a passionate creative since childhood. Her design career has taken her from New York City to San Francisco and now Laguna Beach. Her expertise in visual & brand identity, product & packaging design and marketing communications have been a focal point of her career. She enjoys collaborating on projects that are inspired and is thrilled to join WMO2H working to create amazing change in the world. Ginger believes the most fruitful relationships are those where we walk away from the process having learned something new and make a deeper connection to the people we work with and the world we live in.