Sponsor a Uniform Program

The Children of the Wholistic Caring and Counseling Center in Ruiru, Kenya will soon be attending the new and improved school being built by WMO2H. A uniform is an essential part of attending school in Africa. Many families and children cannot afford these uniforms and therefore some children are not able to attend school. A uniform gives a child an opportunity to gain education which for so many kids is the only hope of changing the course of their lives for the better. $50 will provide a full uniform for one child. The uniform includes: Shorts, sweater, shirt, socks and shoes.

How it works:

You sponsor a uniform and receive a picture of the child you sponsor with their new and improved uniform. Uniforms will be made by a local Kenyan seamstress.

What You Will Receive:

You will receive a photo of a child resident of The Wholistic Caring and Counseling Center in their brand new uniform.