Sponsor An Education

Sponsor a Kenyan Rescue Girl’s Education:

Girls in the Maasai community of Kenya are often viewed as property, and have no rights of their own. They are forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to prepare them to be sold into marriage as early as age 9. A few girls have the opportunity to attend school, but once they are married they are taken out of school. Their older husband uses them to maintain their cattle and to have more children, and often it is an abusive situation. Fortunately, it is no longer legal to practice FGM or marry off the young girls for a price. However, these practices have been a long-standing in the Maasai culture, and thousands of girls are still subject to these brutal rights-of passage.

The women of the AIC Rescue Center and boarding school in Kajiado, Kenya, are committed to helping these young girls to live free and receive an education. The directors of the AIC Centre rescue these girls from FGM and early forced marriages and provide these rescued girls with shelter, food, an education, and a true sense of worth.

One of the biggest challenges is getting the school fees paid for each girl. WMO2H has partnered with the AIC Rescue Center and set up an education sponsorship program.

How it works:

Pick a girl to sponsor and the WMO2H Kenyan Program Director will personally direct the funds on your behalf to the boarding school or high school for each girl. These girls fully acknowledge the value of receiving an education and most of the girls in the rescue center are all excelling at their studies and have big career goals set for themselves. Their potential combined with their resilience and incredibly hopeful spirits are such an inspiring combination.


$375 for primary school girls for one year
$575 for high school girls for one year Your donation is tax deductible

What You Will Receive:

WMO2H will send you a photo, video and a personal note from each of the girls you sponsor.

Sponsor An Education: