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Sponsor A Birthday

Many of the children we work with are not able to celebrate their birthdays due to lack of resources. In many cases, the orphanage does not know the exact birth date of the child due to being abandoned, so in turn sometimes birthdays are made up for the children. With My Own Two Hands Foundation has set up a birthday sponsorship program that celebrates the birth of the inspiring children we work with. The purpose of this program is to remind each child that they are loved and cared about.

How it works:

Sponsor a child’s birthday from the St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya. We will pick out an outfit (shirt, shorts, and a pair of shoes) and a small toy for each child as their birthday gift. If you would like to personalize your birthday sponsorship email us a birthday card to give to the child and we will deliver that to the kids with their gifts. (email to These gifts will remind them that they are loved for their birthday!



What You Will Receive:

We will send each sponsor a picture of the gifts along with a picture of the child they sponsored with their new outfits on! You will also receive a tax-deductible receipt from us.

Birthday Months For St. Ann’s Orphanage: 2017