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Come To Africa

Interested in coming to Africa with us? We take volunteer teams out to Africa to work with the projects we support. This is a mutually benefiting experience for the children and the volunteers that join us. This is a life-changing experience that will forever impact your life.

You will be able to experience a new culture, witness the conditions and daily life of the children we work with, but more importantly, you will be empowered by the love and light of the children we support. This trip will be an opportunity for you to open your heart and experience love, empathy, and connection. Our wish is for you to realize that we are all connected in life and we believe this trip provides an amazing opportunity to see that connection take place.

Country: Kenya (Right now our efforts are directed in the country of Kenya)

Costs: The cost of the trip is $3,500 and this will include all costs for a 8-10 day trip including airfare, accommodation (shared with private rooms available), transportation, one safari, and a day tour of Nairobi including visiting an elephant orphanage, giraffe rescue center, and a bead factory supporting single-parent women.

Dates: Next Trip: January 2018

Details: You can fundraise for your trip. The majority of the funds go toward your trip expenses, but some of the $3,500 will go toward the project you will be working with. Check out our fundraising page and start fundraising today!

Contact: If you are interested in joining us on this transformative trip please email us at

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Tara / January 2015
My trip to Kenya with the With My Own Two Hands Foundation was not only inspiring, eye opening, heart lifting and an all-around fun time it was… transformative. I went with the intention of helping and serving others and in turn, I was the one who benefited the most from this experience. The people of Kenya are incredibly gracious and we were welcomed everywhere with open arms. You can’t help but fall in love with the culture and the simpler lifestyle that clearly makes for a happier, lighter heart. My priorities, “problems”, and day-to-day life were completely put into perspective and I will forever be a different better person. I came back changed with the desire to do more, give more and say less; in other words, improve my “say to do” ratio.


“The opportunity to work with WMO2H and travel to Kenya has ultimately been life changing for me. Being able to see firsthand, their how living conditions have improved and resources are now being utilized due to societal obstacles, has inspired me to pursue a career dedicated to service. The amount of gratitude each I’ve from recipient has completely filled my heart. The impact we provide gives so many the opportunity to create change, follow their dreams, and experience a life that is safe and loving, providing access to essential basic needs. This experience has shifted my perspective and humbled me in ways I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I always knew I enjoyed service, but I completely fell in love with the culture, children, and country. I now know I can do anything if I believe, create, and pursue!”