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Become An Ambassador

How would you like to personally represent With My Own Two Hands Foundation? We are looking for leaders in our community that are dedicated to changing the world with their own two hands.

Our Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to be the change you wish to see around you. This program enables you to be of service both locally and abroad. Become a leader of service in your local community while creating change in our global community.

We are looking for leaders that embody our mission and are committed to helping us raise funds for our cause to support the children in which we serve. We are looking for you to empower your community while empowering orphaned children in need. Use your yoga practice/sport as a way to elevate the world around you.

How it works:

We are asking all potential ambassadors to commit to a fundraising pledge and join us in Kenya where we will directly work with the children that you fundraised for! Come see for yourself the impact you are making!


We ask all potential ambassadors to raise $5,000 for our cause. This fundraising pledge will include your Africa trip costs (not including the flight) while also supporting the programs we serve. You will be able to witness your funds in effect on your trip (in January). Can’t make it to Africa? Then you can come join us for our yearly local Seva Yoga Retreat in CA (expenses paid for if you hit the Ambassador goal)!

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While in Africa we will be working with empowering NGOs that we carefully pick out that are serving children in need. We choose programs that are directly giving opportunities to children, such as orphanage and schools. We will spend 8-10 days in January on this life changing experience. Becoming an ambassador extends far beyond this 8-10 day trip. This is a commitment where you will represent our mission and see for yourself that you are in fact changing the world with you own two hands.

We can help support you on this journey toward becoming an ambassador for us.

To start fundraising set up your own fundraising page and start thinking of ways to reach your fundraising goal! Please fill out the form to your right and click here (fundraising page link) to start your fundraising page. We will respond to your application shortly. Let us help you reach your goal!