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Wholistic Centre, Kenya

The Wholistic Caring Centre is home to 19 orphaned children and provides education to 55 children in Ruiru, Kenya. The project was founded in 1994 and seeks to educate, counsel and empower people on issues that directly affect them. They offer residential care for girls and women in pregnancy crisis, a children’s home for orphans and vulnerable children, guidance and counseling, and education for children from preschool to class 8.

In 2013, we raised $17,000 to drill a water borehole for the project. Water is a valuable resource in Africa and we believed the borehole would help the project become more sustainable. In March 2014, we took a team of volunteers to the Wholistic Centre to witness the drilling. With much excitement, the drillers were able to hit water after approximately 100 meters. The project now has running water that can be used for drinking and agricultural needs. The water assists them in gardening to help support the project with food and income.  

Our team of volunteers also has built a chicken coop for the project. The coop will help provide food for the children, as well as eggs that can be sold to the neighboring community. This project is a prime example of how we provide sustainable solutions for projects that are helping children in need.