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Tumaini Savanna View Academy

In 2016 With My Own Two Hands formed a partnership with the Tumanini Savanna View Academy. Tumaini is located on the border of Tanzania and Kenya in a region where 90% of the population are illiterate.

tumaini-water2Tumaini Academy is a boarding school that is home to 170 children – they are committed to improving the lives of all of the kids by providing them education. Unfortunately many of the children were forced to miss classes everyday because they needed to walk nearly 3km everyday to fetch water.

In 2016 WMO2H raised $15,000 to drill a water borehole for them. They now have running water that is used for drinking, sanitation, and agricultural needs.

The kids can stay in class instead of searching for water, and they will now participate in a new program where groups of kids will each have their own plot of land and learn to farm now that they have irrigation in place.

Driving Hope


Driving Hope is a documentary that highlights some of the inspirational stories of the children that With My Own Two Hands has helped support. Meet the children who have overcome immeasurable odds and are still filled with hope and dreams for their own bright futures.