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HELGA Project, Kenya

The HELGA Rescue Center for Maasai girls in Kajiado, Kenya currently is home to 88 rescued Maasai children. Founded more than 20 years ago, it has housed in excess of 700 girls rescued from Female Genital Mutilation and Early Forced Marriage. HELGA primary school and rescue center provides Maasai girls with a safe environment to pursue their education. HELGA’s mission is “to empower vulnerable members of the community through education and advocacy for meaningful participation in the building of a just and equitable society.”

girls-dormitory plaque dormitory

In January 2016, we partnered with HELGA to build a dormitory to house an additional 42 girls, who otherwise would have been turned away. The funds came from our documentary screening fundraiser in July 2015, during which we raised more than $77,000. The dormitory gives the girls a safe place to live freely while providing them with an education. 

“We are so thankful, so so thankful, to With My Own Two Hands Foundation,” says HELGA founder Pricilla Nangurai. “Within the first two weeks the dorm they built for us was completed, we had all 42 beds filled with rescued Maasai girls. Without WMO2H most of those girls would have been either circumcised or married off, or both. Thank you WMO2H from the bottom of our grateful hearts.”