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How We Got Started

Our story started on the campus of UCLA. Our founder, Lindsey Pluimer, was a star basketball player at UCLA and studied communications. While she was a student-athlete at UCLA, there were many protests on campus regarding the genocide in Darfur at the time. Lindsey studied the lack of media in Darfur in one of her classes and once wrote a very meaningful paper regarding the subject matter. In her conclusion paragraph, she committed to one day going to Africa and volunteering in order to help those in need.

After Lindsey graduated from college, she went on to play professional basketball in Sydney, Australia and Pamplona, Spain. On her offseason she had become a certified yoga instructor and fell in love with the practice both on and off the mat. She then went on to play in Pamplona, Spain and had a successful year. After winning a championship in Spain, she returned to the States only to leave again, but this time to volunteer in South Africa. She joined another nonprofit organization and spent two weeks with orphaned and disadvantaged kids in South Africa.

On her trip, she was so inspired by the children and how full of love and life they were. She also recognized how everything went a long way in Africa. Every thing and every dollar, from a donated outfit, to a water borehole, to a house built meant so much to these children. It was in Africa where her life forever changed.

After she returned to the states, Lindsey then decided to retire from playing basketball and instead start a nonprofit that would help children in need. She then founded With My Own Two Hands Foundation in 2010 and has worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya to date. She now teaches yoga and runs WMO2H with the help of the board and volunteers.

Since our inception we have assembled a great board of directors that are committed to helping our cause. We also have many great volunteers that help in so many areas of our organization.

Throughout the years, we have also taken many volunteer groups to Africa that have in turn impacted lives of both our volunteers and the children we have served. We have been so fortunate to work with some amazing NGOs in Africa that are doing some amazing work with children in need of their help.

We at With My Own Two Hands believe that we can all make a difference with our own two hands.