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Our Model

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that benefit children in need in Africa.

In order to find legitimate projects in Africa doing amazing work for children, we have hired an African Program Director that oversees our projects abroad. Our Program Director has an important role on our team as he investigates all projects before we commit to helping. As a local in Africa, our Director is able to speak the language and see for himself if the program is indeed supporting the children. This is an important aspect for our foundation because we want to make sure that the projects we support are truly benefiting children in need. This process assures our team and our supporters/donors that the projects we work with are trustworthy and able to directly impact the children. After the initial review of the project our team then goes out to confirm that the project supports the mission of With My Own Two Hands Foundation.

After the project goes through the investigation process, we then identify the need of the project. WMO2H supports projects that empower children and that provide them with basic necessities and education. We have worked with orphanages and schools and commit to projects that help serve orphan or disadvantaged children in Africa.