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October 2016

New Sustainable Greenhouse for the Tumaini Savanna View Academy!


In October 2016 With My Own Two Hands Foundation completed a greenhouse for the Tumaini Savanna View Acadamy in Kenya. The greenhouse was made possible by Broadbean Technology in Newport Beach, CA one of WMO2H premier corporate sponsors. The greenhouse will provide the 170 children and the staff fresh produce, and in addition they will sell the surplus to the nearby community thus serving as an income generating project.

In January of 2016 WMO2H completed a water borehole for Tumaini and the project is thriving. Before the borehole, many of the children missed classes to go fetch the water, which took over 3 hours.
With the water and agriculture projects in place, the Tumaini program director is looking forward to new farming classes for the children and will be sectioning plots of land for groups of kids to tend their own gardens.

October 2016

Ground Breaking of Classrooms!


In January 2016, we completed a dormitory for HELGA and within two weeks all of the 42 beds were filled with rescued girls. It became an immediate need for the project to have new classrooms to accommodate the increased population. With funds raised at our 3rd annual documentary screening of “Driving Hope” in July 2016, we are now building new classrooms for the school. 14517614_1201829249840128_8942891160393967714_nThese classrooms will provide education and better learning facilities for the girls. These rescued Maasai girls have risked everything fleeing forced marriages, female genital mutilation and poverty in order to receive an education.

Classrooms will be complete in January 2107. Thank you to our amazing WMO2H supporters for helping us provide a safe home and education to these courageous girls!

January 2016

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Grand Opening of New Rescue Dormitory!

We are thrilled to have officially opened the new rescue dormitory at the HELGA Centre in Kajiado, Kenya!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.31.10 PMThanks to all of our supporters especially those who attended our “Maasai Daughters” documentary fundraiser in July 2015. Funds raised from that event went directly to our HELGA building efforts.This dorm will house 42 girls each year who are affected by early forced marriages and female genital mutilation. This project helps rescue girls while giving them an education.

HELGA was founded over 20 years ago and since then has been housed over 700 girls who have been rescued from Female Genital Mutilation and Early Forced Marriage. HELGA primary school and rescue center provides Massai girls a place where they can pursue their education in a safe environment. HELGA’s mission is “to empower vulnerable members of the community through education and advocacy for meaningful participation in the building of a just and equitable society.”

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January 2016

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New Greenhouse for St. Ann’s Orphanage!

With My Own Two Hands Foundation is thrilled to announce the completion of a greenhouse for the St. Ann’s Orphanage! This will provide fresh vegetables for their 35 kids and staff. In addition any surplus will be sold to the neighbors to purchase sanitary supplies and other necessities.

Funds for the construction of the greenhouse were raised through a collaboration between With My Own Two Hands, J.Crew’s Garments for Good and EDUN, a fashion brand devoted to sourcing production, encouraging trade and providing jobs in Africa. The collaboration featured a children’s t-shirt designed by EDUN, which was inspired by the Ndebele people of South Africa and the beautiful geometric patterns that decorate the outside of their homes. The t-shirts were produced entirely in Kenya and sold through J. Crew’s Garments for Good website.


November 2015


2nd Annual Tri-Give-Athon Raises over $1800 for WMO2H!

The Second Annual Tri-Give-A-Thon was a huge success! San Clemente’s CB Cycle Barn and Pure.Love.Yoga. put on an amazing event raising $1800 for With My Own Two Hands Foundation.

The event greeted 38 participants at CB Cycle Barn with cool donated swag on their handlebars and then they had to sweat it out for a 45 minute spin class. 12311203_419396754923283_2057644651477005488_n The brave participants were then off on a 3 mile run over to Pure.Love.Yoga. where the were rewarded with delicious fare donated by the Organic Tree Juice Bar, and an hour blissful yoga class. 11986453_1017317014958020_1996848544148470093_n Everyone had a blast and they were thrilled to be working of some of their Thanksgiving Dinner while helping so many deserving kids in Africa this holiday.

With My Own Two Hands would like to thank CB Cycle Barn and Pure.Love.Yoga for all of their hard work making this amazing day happen, and we’d also like to thank all of the event sponsors for their donations: Organic Tree Juice Bar, Lululemon, and Gorjana.

October 2015


Inside View (San Francisco, CA) Office Fundraising Competition Raises Over $11,000 for With My Own Two Hands Foundation!

Inside View, a market intelligence platform corporation, has a company culture which encourages their teams to spend time giving back to their community. Each of their offices volunteer with a local organization on a quarterly basis, and smaller groups and individuals are encouraged to spend time supporting causes for which they are passionate.

Susanna Porter, the Training Delivery & On-Boarding Manager for Inside View’s San Francisco, CA office became passionate about With My Own Two Hands Foundation on her volunteer trip to Kenya in January 2105.

Upon her return she was eager to continue her support of the organization and created a fundraising competition within her company. Within 4 months the teams raised over $11,000 to support WMO2H’s partnered projects.

WMO2H has is honored to have Susanna Porter be one of our Ambassadors for our cause.

Thank you Inside View and Susanna! Your support and donations have immediately improved the lives of disadvantaged children in need!

September 2015


With My Own Two Hands Sponsors The Education of 25 Girls!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, WMO2H was able to provide 25 rescued Maasai girls the fees to receive their education at the AIC school in Kajaido, Kenya.

The rescue girls at AIC have all been rescued from female genital mutilation (FGM), forced early marriages, and/or extreme poverty. They now live at AIC center in Kajiado, Kenya and receive the education they are entitled.

Their courage, resilience, and hope of a better life through education is an inspiration. DSC_0108

July 2015


2nd Annual Red Carpet Documentary Screening Raises $77,670 !

It was a beautiful Sunday evening on July 12, 2015 at the Port Theater in Corona Del Mar, CA for the With My Own Two Hands Foundation’s SOLD OUT second annual Red Carpet Documentary Screening Fundraiser of the film Maasai Daughters.

2015-07-12_DSC0934_by_PaulCookWalking the red carpet were donors and supporters including Olympic Champion Skier Lindsey Vonn. The event Emcee was the amazing Sport Center Host Stan Verrett.

In one night over $77,000 was raised and With My Own Two Hands has since broke ground on a new dormitory at the HELGA rescue center in Kajaido, Kenya. The dorm will house 42 Maasai girls who have been rescued from female genital mutilation and forced early marriages.

Maasai Daughters was filmed on the With My Own Two Hands volunteer trip to Kenya last January 2015. It is a documentary about the lives of three girls and the women who rescued them from retrogressive cultural practices in their own Maasai community at the AIC Girls School and Rescue Center in Kajiado, Kenya. It is an intimate portrait of these women as they sacrifice everything to make a stand against female genital mutilation and early forced marriage happening within their own culture.

May 2015


11329966_925420764147646_5747448946470756214_n3rd Annual Seva Yoga Retreat raises over $6,000!

On May 15th, we held our 3rd Annual Seva Yoga Retreat in Ojai, Ca. We had 24 amazing participants join us for this fun-filled weekend. All the proceeds of the retreat went to support With My Own Two Hands Foundation. “Seva” in Sanskrit means “service” and this retreat helps serves the needs of the projects WMO2H supports. Participants received daily yoga classes, freshly prepared food, and accommodation. We also screened our documentary, The Kids of Kekopey. The goal of this retreat was to offer people a relaxing weekend filled with fun activities while also supporting an amazing cause.

February 2015


Pen Pals Program Launched!

The Pen Pal Program was a huge success on both sides of the world! In January our volunteers delivered 51 letters from Laguna Beach, CA kids to 51 kids in both Kekopey (at the St. Ann’s Orphanage) and Kaijado, Kenya (at the AIC Maasai Girls Rescue Program), and then back to Laguna Beach.

When the Kenyan kids opened their letters and saw the enclosed photo of their new friends in California, it brought the biggest smiles and huge excitement. Just knowing they had someone across the world that was thinking of them and wanting to get to know about them was such a joyful experience, and many couldn’t believe how lucky they were to have a friend in America.

The kids in Kenya eagerly wrote back and the WMO2H volunteers snapped pics of each child to bring back with the letters to California. One of the most touching thing the volunteers experienced was seeing the Kenyan girls and boys try to find anything they had to share and put inside the envelope to send to their new friends…even if it was all they had.

The Laguna Beach kids were all equally excited to see their new friends from Africa.  It was such an educational and emotional experience for everyone who participated. We look forward to keeping both sides updated.

February 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.23.00 PM

Walls Grand Opening of the Wholistic School!

Wholistic Center in Ruiru, Kenya opens new school built by With My Own Two Hands Foundation!
With the generous donations made by donors and supporters the new school is complete!

WMO2H volunteer team arrived in Kenya to participate in opening ceremony.
The team was welcomed with open arms by all the kids in new uniforms, trees for each team member to plant, a WMO2H logo wall to be painted and branded with our own two hands, and a permanent plaque honoring WMO2H as well as individual plaques for those who donated classrooms.
The volunteers also participated in a ceremony to sweep the new classrooms and load in all the brand new desks.

In addition to the beautiful new school, the old school building has been fully renovated with brand new windows, fresh paint, a full computer lab, and indoor plumbing. As a result of all of the improvements, university educated teachers are applying for employment and many new students in the surrounding area are looking to be enrolled.

Last March a WMO2H volunteer team was at the center and supervised the drilling of a borehole and completed the construction of a chicken coop at the project. The new borehole and pump are now creating a steady income for Wholistic as they sell the water to neighbors, improved sanitary conditions with running water, and provides watering systems for their fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The chicken coop allows for regular egg generation.

This project is a perfect example of how WMO2H mission statement works.
Creating sustainable solutions increases productivity and stimulates income and growth, as well as an overall pride in ownership for the project directors.

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December 2014

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Walls Are Going Up!

The walls are going up for the school we are building! The Wholistic Centre is getting very excited for their new school. Currently, the kids are on holiday and will return in January for their new school year. The kids will arrive with their new school. Previously, the school was not in good condition and a safety hazard. We are renovating the school, adding additional classrooms, and supplying the school with all new desks, chairs, supplies, and a playground! Stay tuned for more updates on this project. Thank you for helping us make a difference with our own two hands!

December 2014


Pen Pal Program and Kids Documentary Screening

Worldwide, it is estimated that 17.8 million children under the age of 18 have been orphaned by AIDS, most living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On World AIDS Day, over 45 local Laguna Beach kids came together to raise funds and awareness for African Orphans. Gathering at Ritual Yoga Arts, the kids viewed the With My Own Two Hands documentary, “The Kids of Kekopey.”

The Laguna kids brought letters, artwork, and photograph of themselves to be delivered to their new pen pal, an orphaned child in Kenya. Our volunteer team will bring those over to Africa and return with a letter and photo for each pen pal.

This great community event raised $650 to directly help kids in need in Africa.

December 2014

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We Broke Ground!

We broke ground with the new school we are building for the Wholistic Caring Centre in Ruiru, Kenya. We had raised over $55,000 and are so excited for this school to come to life. The foundation is set and we are so thrilled for the children of this project (and neighboring children in the community) to have a safe facility to learn in. This school will help the Wholistic Centre become self-sustainable by generating income through neighboring kids and their school fees. This school will educate over 70 kids in the community (19 of which are orphaned and live at the orphanage). We are so thankful for our amazing WMO2H community and your willingness to help give the gift of education! Make sure to stay tuned on our social media pages for more updates on this project!

September 2014


Meet Faith!

Our African Director, Joel Misango, has been researching new projects to support. He recently investigated the AIC Primary School and Rescue Centre (Kenya). This projects helps educate and rescue girls who have been affected by female genital mutiliation (FGM), early marriages (dowry system-sold into marriage), abusive backgrounds, and child labor. We are thrilled to partner with such a worthy project!

Hear Faith’s Story:

Faith is 12 years of age and in 6th grade. She shared with us her life story. She is an inspiration to us.

Faith was to be married off to a 75-year old man when she was 10 years old, but first she was to be initiated through female genital mutilation (referred to as “the cut”) before being given away. The old man had already paid the bride price for her. Her greedy father took advantage of the mother’s mental disability and sold Faith off for selfish gains.

Faith ran away from home at night and was rescued by AIC Primary School and Rescue Centre. She now feels at peace and vowed never to return home for fear of being forced into marriage. She is now worried about her siblings who are just at home and don’t attend school.

Faith wants to be a doctor in the future.

*Faith shared her story openly to bring awareness of the realities that many young girls face.

August 2014


Cows For St. Ann’s!

In August, we bought the St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya two cows and a cow pin. These cows will further help this home become self-sustainable. They will be free ranging cows that will support the dairy for the home.

In May of 2013, we raised $40,000 to build the St. Ann’s project a new home. This project is now rent free and self-sustaining. We are so proud of this project and they amazing children they help support!


2nd Annual Seva Yoga Retreat

We had 16 yogis and our 3 awesome leaders put on a fun, successful retreat in Ojai, California. We spent the weekend indulging in lots of yoga, healthy food, and relaxing by the pool. We are so grateful for all the participants who came and supported our cause. We raised  $3,287 from our retreat to support our cause.  We love this annual event and can’t wait for next year!

July 2014


Documentary Screening

July 13, 2014  With My Own Two Hands Foundation hosted “The Kids Of Kekopey” Red Carpet Documentary Screening. The film highlighted the foundation’s efforts and their successful building of the St. Ann’s Orphanage and children’s home in Kekopey, Kenya. The night was a huge success. Supporters in attendance included NBA and NFL superstars Blake Griffin, Mark Sanchez, Troy Murphy and ESPN host, Stan Verrett. The stat of the night turned out to be our African Program Director, Joel Misango, who had a special Q&A with our founder, Lindsey Pluimer. Joel traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to attend our event and meet the attendees. The generosity of sponsors, and donor supporters raised $54,125 in one evening – enough to build a school for WMO2H’s education initiative next project at the Wholistic Caring Center in Ruiru, Kenya.  The evening’s fundraising efforts will directly go to build a school at that location.