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Meet Our Inspiration

The children that we work with inspire us daily to make an impact with our own two hands. All the children we work with have their own story as to how they became orphaned or vulnerable. Their stories have touched many lives including ours. Their stories and their contagious smiles inspire us and remind us that we all have the power to make a difference!

Moses Meet Moses
Moses was found alone on a riverbank after being born. His mother abandoned him hours after giving birth leaving Moses to die. He was found the next day and was taken by the police to the St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya. He was then named Moses after the Biblical reference. He now is a healthy, loving boy with a heart of gold!
Alice Meet Alice
Alice was sexually assaulted by her father and had the courage to run away from home. She was then found by authorities and was taken into the St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya. She is a sweet, courageous girl!
Dennis Meet Dennis
Dennis and his brother and sister were abandoned by their mother and locked in their home with no food, water, or care for over a week. After being found by authorities they were taken into the St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya. They later found that the mother ran away and later died from HIV/AIDS. Dennis has an infectious smile and loves to be the center of attention. It makes us so happy to see him and his siblings so well adjusted into their new home!
IMG_0858 Meet Sisters Solia (left) and Evalyne (right)
Soila was genitally mutilated at the age of 12 and was getting prepared to be married to an elderly man in exchange for 3 cows and several blankets and alcohol. Before the marriage ceremony she was able to escape and find her way to a rescue center in Kajaido.
While it was her courageous choice to orphan herself and seek a safe haven and the rightful education she deserves, Soila could not leave her younger sister, Evalyne, behind to face Female Genital Mutilation and a forced marriage. So, Soila did everything in her power to get Evalyne to her, including a dangerous trip back to her village to get help from her cousins. Eventually, she succeeded and the two sisters now are together, safe, and going to school. Both girls are excelling in their studies and Soila is planning on being a doctor and Evalyne wants to be a lawyer.