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Jack Pugh Tells All


My name is Jack and I am 8 years old. In February of 2016 I was lucky to go to Kenya with my mom for her work at With My Own Two Hands Foundation.

We went to St. Ann’s and I met a lot of kids and I taught the kids to play handball with my friend Reid (who also came with his Mom Jill and sister Ava). The Kenyan kids are really fast. I tried racing them and I failed.

I met my pen pal Emanuel, and he is really good at handball. He is a quick learner.

The conditions in Kenya are hot and at night it gets very cold. The kids all share one room that has lots of bunk beds and two kids sleep on one mattress without a blanket. Since I have gotten home, I think of my friends there and how they must be sad without a mom, especially when I am sick in my warm bed.

I planted some trees that were donated by people who give money to With My Own Two Hands. It’s really good because the tree gives them fruit to eat.

We also visited Helga and I got to see my friend Pricilla (who I met when she stayed with me in California for the big event). I was so happy to see her and meet all the girls she takes care of and rescues.

We went also to AIC where I saw my friend Hellen and I got to meet all the girls my mom talks about. I even met the girl my mom rescued. They loved my hair and my glasses there.

I got to get up in front of the class with my friend Ava and answer all of the questions about America. They laughed so hard when they heard I have a big lazy dog who sleeps in my bed.

All of the girls are so happy to go to school there. They love it.

I had to take malaria pills and sleep in a mosquito net.

I had lots of favorite parts of the trip. First was Joel – he is so special and fun and kind. He took such good care of us and he took us to the big slums in Nairobi, and showed us where he lived. We got to go inside his sister’s house. It was just one small room for the whole family. I also met his new baby and met his whole family it was really fun. His son Promise is also 8, and he has another boy Prince who was 5 – they were really good at playing rock-paper-scissors.

Another favorite part was seeing all the amazing animals on the safari. Joel is the best safari tour guide ever.

The food in Kenya was really delicious – I tried goat and I loved it.

And also I really loved meeting all of the kids at all of the projects. They are so nice and fun to play with. I think about them and hope that they are doing really good.

I want to go back to Kenya as soon as possible.