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The How-To Guide To Using Your Match Program

Our Ambassador, PJ Kehoe, wrote the blog below to help give more information about how she best used her corporate match program that has helped raise close to $15,000 and counting for our cause! We hope her story inspires you to best utilize the charitable resources your company provides.


When I signed up to volunteer for a trip to Kenya through the With My Own Two Hands Foundation, I created an awareness of WMO2H’s mission by handing out flyers to a lot of people and letting them know how to support me if they chose to do so. In addition, for my co-workers, I reminded them to request a ‘match’ from Capital Group, our employer, if they did make a donation.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘match’, companies oftentimes offer a Matching Gifts program as part of their Associate Benefits package in support of an associate’s charitable interests. Such programs are designed to ‘match’ an associate’s financial contributions to nonprofit organizations. This is a very generous benefit through Capital Group as they match 2:1 for donations to nonprofit organizations. As an example, a peer donated $100 to WMO2H and then requested the match benefit from Capital Group. WMO2H received $300 ($100 – associate donation and $200 – employer Match program).

Being very active and deliberate in my fundraising efforts coupled with my company’s match program is how I have raised my initial fundraising goal of $5000 in November, 2014 to $22,500 which I anticipate meeting by mid-2015. In addition to the Matching Gifts program my employer offers, I also took advantage of their ‘Dollars for Doers’ benefit which resulted in a donation of $500 to WMO2H in support of my time as a volunteer.

If you are raising money to go on a volunteer trip, I encourage you to explore if your company offers a charitable giving program as part of their Associate Benefits package because, for me, it significantly increased the amount of money contributed to WMO2H. And here is the BEST part – the more money you raise, the more projects WMO2H can fund for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Africa. Now, that is the power of giving!!!